Time attendance system

Biometric Time Attendance System

That recognizes employees by the use of their fingerprints, palm prints, or irises.

RFID-Based Time Attendance System

Tracks attendance by reading employee ID cards or key fobs using RFID technology.

Facial Recognition Technology

Is used by the time attendance system to identify employees and track attendance.

Mobile App-Based Time Attendance System

Where employees can clock in and out utilizing mobile apps that are based on a time attendance system that is tracked over the cloud.

Time attendance information can be used to measure staff productivity and pinpoint areas for development. The Time attendance system in Dubai by Das Master Solution is an excellent option to boost productivity and monitor your staff’s work.

  • We offer specialized solutions that match your unique needs for time attendance systems.
  • We use high-quality hardware and software that maintain the dependability and accuracy of our time attendance systems.
  • We offer a more complete solution and may combine our time and attendance systems with other HR management software for optimal results.
  • We provide continuous maintenance and technical support to ensure that your time attendance system is constantly operating at its best.
  • Our time attendance solutions offer the best value for your money due to our affordable pricing.
  • Our solutions are created to adhere to industry norms and rules, guaranteeing that your timekeeping system complies with the most recent specifications.


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A good time attendance system Dubai should offer certain features like accurate time tracking, flexible scheduling, integration with payroll software, ease of use, and robust reporting capabilities. It should also be customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To activate the software, follow the guidelines given in the user manuals or seek help from the manufacturers. It typically involves entering a valid license key or a code for activation.

If you happen to forget the password of the database, contact the time attendance system Dubai provider to recover the password or to reset it.

You can usually cancel a schedule that has been put up within the software interface. Locate the relevant schedule in the scheduling module, then select the option to delete or cancel it.

The software’s filtering or search settings may be the cause of this problem. Make that your search terms, filters, and date ranges line up with the specifications of the loaded record. You should be able to locate the record you’re looking for by changing these settings.

To update the time attendance system Dubai contact Das Masters Solution. They will give you the guidelines to update the software to the latest version.

Accessing the schedule module and entering the alternate shift’s specifics, such as the time and attendance system, are the standard steps involved in setting an alternative shift in a time and attendance system. For detailed instructions, contact Das Masters Solutions. 

Modifying the attendance report requires accessing the reporting module within the software. You can customize reports by selecting specific data fields, date ranges, and formatting options. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions.

Time attendance system Dubai has the ability to support other languages as it has language settings within the software. This enables users to select their preferred languages from the settings menu to use the software with ease.

The “check-in” in the attendance checking report indicates that the employees have clocked in for their schedule work. This status confirms their arrival at work.

The majority of time attendance systems Dubai, do indeed handle multiple employee shifts. To accommodate varying work hours and shifts, you can develop and manage a variety of shift schedules.

The usage of time and attendance systems is still successful even when employees are located in different time zones. Modern systems frequently have tools to accommodate time zone differences and guarantee precise attendance tracking regardless of location.

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